Mantic Games - Terrain Crate - Dungeon Adventures: Critters (MGTC198)

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Manufacturer: Mantic Games
Product Line: Terrain Crate
The deep places of the world are far from empty. Creatures make their homes there, preying on the weak and growing strong on the remnants of decaying magic. It is a careless adventurer who does not treat them with caution.
Contains: Critters and swarms for your dungeon.
      • 2x Bat Swarms
      • 2x Giant Spiders
      • 2x Ravens
      • 2x Vultures
      • 2x Giant Lizard
      • 2x Giant Scorpion
      • 2x Owl
      • 2x Giant Rat
      • 2x Insect Swarm
      • 2x Pile o’Snakes
      • 2x Perfectly normal treasure chest (make a DC15 Perception check)
Please note: Figures are supplied unpainted. Painted figures in image are for example only.


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