Mantic Games - Terrain Crate: Games Master's Starter Set (MGTC0102)

Mantic Games - Terrain Crate: Games Master's Starter Set (MGTC0102)

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Manufacturer: Mantic Games 
Product Line: Terrain Crate
Designed to suit any tabletop RPG, this great set includes loads of terrain to fill out your dungeon, four heroes to delve into its depths, loads of varied minions for them to face—from orcs to undead—and a final boss in the form of a towering dragon!
Box Contents:
  • Contains 102 unpainted miniatures
    • 10x Plastic doors (4 different models)
    • 4x PVC heroes
    • 9x PVC undead miniatures (5 different models)
    • 9x PVC orc miniatures (5 different models)
    • 1x PVC dragon
    • And an incredible 69 PVC terrain pieces (includes some duplicate models)
  • 28-30mm scale, perfect for many fantasy games
  • Dragon requires easy assembly with super glue (CA glue)
  • Other models come fully assembled
  • Ages 14+

Please note: Painted miniatures are for example only. Figures are supplied unpainted.



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