Reaper: Master Series Paints Core Colors Set #2 (09957)

Reaper: Master Series Paints Core Colors Set #2 (09957)

  • $199.99

Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Product Line:  MSP Core Colors

October 2020 set: Contains 108 Master Series Core Colors Paints, plus Paint Caddy. Includes all MSP Core Colors in production from 9117-9321.

Important note: The manufacturer accidentally left four bottles of paint out of this set that are listed on the packaging. We'll include those paints with your order, but they won't be inside the shrink-wrapped paint caddy, in case this is a gift.

  • Works on Reaper Bones miniatures right out of the bottle; no priming necessary
  • Ideal for painting D&D characters, Warhammer armies, Battletech machines, or any hobby involving plastic, metal or resin
  • Comes in ½ ounce bottles
  • Dries matte
  • Excellent for thinned paint applications like layering, washes, and glazes
  • Mixes easily for adjusting colors and applying additives for artistic effect
  • Non-hazardous water-based latex paint base
  • Safe to handle and easy to clean with warm water
  • Comes in easy-to-squeeze dropper bottles
  • Dropper cap system allows fine control over the amount of paint you dispense, preventing waste
  • Dropper cap system also helps keep the paint from drying out
  • Should be shaken thoroughly before use; can separate during storage or shipping
  • Exact colors may vary from the colors on your screen
  • Not for children under the age of 13 years without adult supervision


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