The Army Painter Warpaints Set: Starter Paint Set (WP8020)

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Manufacturer: The Army Painter 
Product Line: Warpaints
The perfect Starter Paint set for any wargaming system. All the base colors you need for painting miniatures. In this set you will find 10 of the most needed colors—including one FREE Quickshade Wash that makes your miniatures come to life with a natural shading. The set even provides you with a brush to get you started!

This set contains the following:
  • 10 Warpaints (including one FREE Quickshade Wash)
    • Matt Black (WP1101)
    • Matt White (WP1102)
    • Pure Red (WP1104)
    • Daemonic Yellow (WP1107)
    • Greenskin (WP1111)
    • Ultramarine Blue (WP1115)
    • Leather Brown (WP1123)
    • Barbarian Flesh (WP1126)
    • Plate Mail Metal (WP1130)
    • FREE - Strong Tone Quickshade Wash (WP1135)
  • 1 Hobby Starter Brush
  • 1 The Army Painter Painting Guide


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