The Army Painter: Wargames Mega Brush Set (ST5113)

  • $49.75

Manufacturer: The Army Painter 
Product Line: Brushes
With the Mega Brush Set, you get the very best Wargames Brushes available, fulfilling every aspect of painting. Includes Wargamer range brushes with natural fiber bristles. Includes 10 top quality, handmade brushes—a specialized brush for any type of task!

Box Contents
  • Insane Detail Brush (BR7004) - for the smallest details
  • Detail Brush (BR7005) - for creative brushwork
  • Character Brush (BR7006) - ultimate highlight brush
  • Regiment (BR7007) - for bulk unit painting & basecoating
  • The Monster Brush (BR7008) - for everything large and scary
  • Small Drybrush (BR7009) - 43-degree angle infantry drybrush
  • Large Drybrush (BR7010) - angled and perfect for large areas
  • Vehicle/Terrain Brush (BR7011) - undisputed tank master
  • The Psycho brush (BR7014) - molecular precision
  • FREE BONUS: Kolinsky Masterclass Brush (BR7017) - quite simply, the best!


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