Mantic Games - Terrain Crate: Blacksmith & Stable (MGTC165)

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Manufacturer: Mantic Games 
Product Line: Terrain Crate
Keep your swords sharp and your armor strong at the local blacksmith’s, or rest your tired steeds at the livery stable!  This set contains everything you would expect to find in a human or dwarven forge, including a furnace, bellows, tools, and anvil, sharpening stone, and a bucket for water. It also includes everything you'd need to feed and hitch up a horse, including a trough and water pump, hay bales, and hitching posts!
Box Contents:
  • Contains 16 pieces of terrain
  • Made of an unpainted, brown plastic
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • 28-30mm scale, perfect for many fantasy and historical games
  • Ages 13+

Please note: Walls and floors shown in second image are for reference only and are not included.

Painted miniatures in second image are for example only. Miniatures come unpainted.



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