Mantic Games - Terrain Crate: Village Square (MGTC130)

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Manufacturer: Mantic Games 
Product Line: Terrain Crate
As your adventurers enter a bustling settlement, they might encounter a village market, ancient stone markers, or gallows and stocks. This set contains everything you would need to populate a bustling village square in any of your tabletop games.
Box Contents:
  • Contains 27 pieces of terrain
  • Made of an unpainted, colored plastic
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • 28-30mm scale, perfect for many fantasy and historical games
  • Ages 13+

Please note: Human and halfling miniatures, buildings, and ground shown in second image are for reference only and aren't included. 

Painted miniatures in second image are for example only. Miniatures arrive unpainted.



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