Preorder FAQ

Items currently available for preorder

Some of the items listed in our store haven't been released yet and are available for preorder. Here's how that works:

When we collect payment and when we ship

When your order contains preorder items, we collect payment for your order when you place it, but we don't ship it until all preorder items are in stock.

If your order contains a mix of in-stock and preorder items, the in-stock items will be held until they can be shipped together with the preorders. Please place separate orders for in-stock items and preorders if you want the in-stock items to ship before the preorders come in.

Available quantity

The available quantity for preorders is based on the number of items we have on preorder from the manufacturer or our distributors. We won't pre-sell more of an item than we expect to receive by the release date.

Cancelling an order that contains preorder items

The whole order: You can cancel an order in its entirety at any time before we ship it for a full refund on that order. 

Individual items: You can cancel individual items from an order that hasn't shipped yet, but if the order originally qualified for free shipping and will no longer qualify after the cancellations, a shipping charge will be added to the order. We'll check with you before making any changes that would incur a new shipping charge.

Preorder items are subject to change and allotment

The appearance and release date of preorder items are subject to change.

When we preorder items from the manufacturer or our distributors, we expect to receive the number that we order by the release date. However, this doesn't always happen.

If we receive the items later than the release date: We'll ship them as soon as we can. You can cancel your order for a refund at any time before we ship, if you'd rather not wait.

If we receive fewer items than we ordered: We'll fill preorders in the order we received them. If we're unable to fill your preorder because we didn't receive our requested allotment, we'll contact you to let you know and give you the option of cancelling your order and getting a refund, or, if we expect to receive more of the item soon, you'll have the option of waiting for us to receive it. 

More questions about preorders?

Contact us. We're happy to help.


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