The Army Painter: Hobby Starter Brush Set (TL5044)

  • $14.99

Manufacturer: The Army Painter 
Product Line: Brushes
This is the perfect starter set for the novice painter. It includes 3 brushes for any paint task:
  • Triangular precision grip ensures perfect control
  • Best quality synthetic hair for the perfect paint job
Box Contents
  • Hobby: Standard brush
    Designed specifically for basecoating miniatures. The Standard Brush is the perfect size for achieving smooth, even coverage.
  • Hobby: Drybrush
    Drybrush to quickly and easily create great effects on your wargaming figures. To drybrush, dip a dry brush in a lighter color than your basecoat, wipe the excess paint from the bristles, and—with as little paint left in the brush as possible—flick the brush quickly back and forth over the raised areas of the model to achieve the desired effect.
  • Hobby: Small Detail
    Designed with an ultra-fine point, perfect for adding details to your model such as eyes, tattoos, belt buckles and much more!


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