The Army Painter Warpaints Fanatic: Violent Vermillion (WP3107)

  • $3.19

Manufacturer: The Army Painter 
Product Line: Warpaints Fanatic

Warpaints Fanatic Acrylics features a high-covering acrylic resin base that delivers high-density, premium pigments smoothly over the surface of your miniature. Using a water-based solvent means that Fanatic paints can be thinned to extreme levels of transparency without breaking. The Army Painter's premium resin base dries to a durable and beautiful matt finish.

Flexible Color Triad: Color choice can be tricky for many hobbyists. That’s why The Army Painter has developed Warpaints Fanatic in an easy-to-use Flexible Color Triad System within the acrylics range. There are 27 triad systems and inside each Flexible Triad-segment you’ll find six paints that range in tone from dark to light with a consistent hue. This makes selecting highlight colors incredibly simple.

  • Comprehensive range of 216 colours
  • Insanely pigment-dense formulation
  • Superior brush feel, smooth application
  • High-quality acrylic paint
  • Mixing balls pre-loaded in each bottle


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