Vallejo Auxiliaries: Gloss Varnish (70.510)

Vallejo Auxiliaries: Gloss Varnish (70.510)

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Manufacturer: Acrylicos Vallejo 
Product Line: Auxiliaries

Water-based acrylic gloss varnish, quick drying and an acrylic resin of extraordinary hardness and permanence. Protects painted models from dust and scratches, dirt and humidity.

Also useful for making parts of a mini appear wet, slimy, or shiny, like monster tongues, oozes, or patent leather boots.

  • Comes in 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz. bottle
  • Eyedropper bottle prevents paint from evaporating and drying in container
  • Works on plastic, resin, white metal, and more
  • Non-flammable and does not contain solvents

Please note: For full safety information, please visit the manufacturer's safety page.



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