Reaper Bones Black: Crypt of the Dwarf King Boxed Set (44151)

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Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Product Line: Bones Black
Sculptor: Bobby Jackson

Reaper Miniatures' Bones Black line is a new plastic formulation for their bestselling Bones plastic miniatures. Bones Black figures are made using a dark gray polymer plastic material that is lightweight, slightly flexible, and extremely detailed.

Bones Black miniatures are ready to paint right out of the package and don't even need to be primed first. Although the plastic is durable, it's also easy to cut and drill for easy converting, rebasing, or pinning.


“The lore of the Dwarven Kings speaks of the stern and wise Durnan Bronzebeard who, in ancient days, ruled the Deep Fortress of Khollodur. In the year of Frozen Harps (807 NA) the King was stricken with madness and fury so fervid he abruptly rose up and slew all his family and closest thanes. He roamed the galleries of Khollodur slaying all he encountered until at last he was felled by the arrows of his own kin. The innocent blood of his victims cried out to the gods and Khollodur was cursed and eventually abandoned. Now, centuries later, the King’s descendants have ventured back to the ruins of Khollodur, intent on cleansing their honor and reclaiming their ancestral fortress. But the ghost of King Durnan is said to still roam its passages…”

This "Crypt of the Dwarf King" Dungeon Dwellers Encounter features:

  • A band of 6 dwarf adventurers
    • The fearless Baran Bronzebeard
    • Toran Bronzebeard
    • Boran Bronzebeard
    • Dagar Bronzebeard
    • Asgar Swiftaxe
    • Valgar Swiftaxe
  • Ghost of King Durnan
  • 3 dwarven wight thanes
  • King Durnan's Crypt (with removable lid and corpse)
  • King Durnan's ledger
  • Everliving Flame
  • 1 large dwarf statue
  • 1 archway


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