Reaper Bones: Bluferg, Fire Giant Jailor (Huge) (77593)

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Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Product Line: Dark Heaven Bones
Sculptor: Chris Lewis
Reaper Miniatures' Dark Heaven Bones line features 25mm heroic scale fantasy miniatures with integral bases. 
  • Requires easy assembly with super glue (CA glue)
  • The two triangles on the right side of the first image represent 1/2" and 1" in height
  • No priming needed
  • Made of durable polymer plastic
  • Easy to cut and drill for converting, rebasing, or pinning
  • Includes a built-in base
  • Ages 13 and up
Please note: The image color was adjusted to show detail better. The actual product is white or light gray.
Fire Giants in Reaper's Bones line come in two different sizes: Large and Huge. This is one of the Huge giants.
The miniature in the second image was painted by Rex Grange and is included as an example of what this might look like when painted. The base in the painted example isn't included.


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