Reaper Bones: Bones Mega-Weapons Pack (66 pieces) (77730)

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Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Product Line: Dark Heaven Bones

  • Includes four sprues of weapons, shields, and accessories for a total of 66 pieces
    • Basic Weapons (24 pieces)
    • Armory of Virtue (12 pieces)
    • Armory of Vice (16 pieces)
    • Armory of Death (14 pieces)
  • Great for weapon swaps on Bones minis or other figures
  • Made of a more rigid plastic than traditional Bones, which won't easily bend
  • Not in retail packaging
  • Priming recommended, but not required (brush-on primers work great!)
  • Ages 13 and up
Weapon Size Note: These weapons are "heroic scale." They're sized to look good on monstrous humanoids and larger Bones human figures such as Cuth Wolfson or Mangu Timur. However, they might look too big on female Bones figures or on WizKids human figures, which tend to be a bit smaller than Reaper figures.


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