Reaper Bones USA: Goblin Warriors (6) (07044)

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Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Product Line: Bones USA
Sculptor: Bobby Jackson

Reaper Miniatures' Bones USA models use state-of-the-art technology to achieve amazing results and, as the name suggests, they're made in the USA.

Like other Bones models, Bones USA miniatures are ready to paint right out of the package and don't need to be primed first.

Please note:
  • These are the same figures as Reaper Bones: Goblin Warriors (77444), but these are made with the Bones USA manufacturing process, which allows for sharper details.
  • Contains two copies each of three different goblin figures.
  • Requires easy assembly with super glue (CA glue).
  • The manufacturing process may leave behind a small amount of flash (extra plastic), similar to that found on metal miniatures. If your mini includes any flash, it can be easily trimmed off with a hobby knife.


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