WizKids Deep Cuts: Wizard's Room (73364)

  • $3.70

Manufacturer: WizKids
Product Line: WizKids Deep Cuts
These highly detailed, unpainted miniatures come pre-primed and include deep cuts for easier hand painting.
  • Pre-primed and ready to paint
  • Items in first image are not to scale with one another (see second image for the relative sizes)
  • Some items are translucent and not primed
  • Ages 14 and up
Box Contents:
  • Tall Pile of Books
  • Short Pile of Books
  • Row of Books
  • Dragon Bookend
  • Gargoyle Bookend
  • Single Book
  • Human Skull with Candle
  • Group of Small Jars and Bottles
  • Group of Large Jars and Bottles
  • 4 Small Bottles
  • 4 Large Bottles
  • Crystal Ball


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